Danger Gal Friday: Quorra

Some minor spoilers of the movie are included in this post. Tron: Legacy is released in theaters today, so be warned.

Quorra Tron Legacy

This week’s Danger Gal Friday post profiles Quorra from the new movie Tron: Legacy as portrayed by Olivia Wilde. In a recent Reuters interview Wilde specifically mentioned kick-ass characters: “It’s interesting because i am drawn to those kick-ass roles, she said. I always knew that eventually I’d get to play a really great one.”

Tron: Legacy premieres in theaters today, so reviews of the movie are just now trickling in and not much analysis of the film is available yet. Many at first speculated that Kevin Flynn created Quorra and think of her like a daughter. The latter may be true, but the Tron Wiki article on her character reveals that she is in fact an ISO or Isomorphic Algorithm and is therefore self-created. This is a fantastic spin on the kick-ass heroine character type who has sometimes been the creation of a male mad scientist or the daughter of a god — either way she often owes her existence to a man. Not so with Quorra, at least not any more than any other program in Tron since the entire game was created by Kevin Flynn.

Quorra is a warrior with exceptional facility with the sword and her Identity disk. According to the Tron Wiki “[S]he is also a skilled driver and pilot, capable of guiding vehicles through complex terrestrial and aerial stunts.”