Some minor spoilers of the movie are included in this post. Tron: Legacy is released in theaters today, so be warned.

Quorra Tron Legacy

This week’s Danger Gal Friday post profiles Quorra from the new movie Tron: Legacy as portrayed by Olivia Wilde. In a recent Tron Wiki article on her character reveals that she is in fact an ISO or Isomorphic Algorithm and is therefore self-created. This is a fantastic spin on the kick-ass heroine character type who has sometimes been the creation of a male mad scientist or the daughter of a god — either way she often owes her existence to a man. Not so with Quorra, at least not any more than any other program in Tron since the entire game was created by Kevin Flynn.

Quorra is a warrior with exceptional facility with the sword and her Identity disk. According to the Tron Wiki “[S]he is also a skilled driver and pilot, capable of guiding vehicles through complex terrestrial and aerial stunts.”

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