Darth Vader Records Tom Tom Voice

I'm a geek, you're a geek. We're all OK.

Broadsheet blogger Judy Berman today came out to being a geek. I recently had to admit something to myself: I am, it turns out, a geek. I finally came to terms with it earlier this week, after drinks with female friends. We had been catching up and talking shop when someone mentioned Buffy the Vampire […]

Make Your Own Super Hero

The Hero Factory has a neat Flash application where you can create your own custom superhero. Here’s mine: And you thought I looked like the Danger Gal, huh? Via Grasping for the Wind

Kindle App for iPhone

Squee! Amazon has released the Kindle App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. From iPod observer: iPhone owners that aren’t ready to shell out the cash for a Kindle ebook reader don’t have to now that Amazon has released a Kindle client application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app lets users keep all […]