Second Sun, Poo Hustlers and Nano Goo

Some interesting science news:

–The Binary Research Institute (BRI) thinks Sol might have a twin in the recently discovered planetoid “Sedna”: Evidence mounts for sun’s companion star.

–This isn’t strictly science news, but by way of the Uncertain Principles blog, Locus magazine had a funny typo this month:

Alex Irvine’s “New Game in Town” is an exquisite story of small-time crooks and poo hustlers that takes a sharp turn into uncanny SF.

When being quirky is a good thing. Quantum cryptography may get some play in my new novel, so I’ve been reading up on it.

–By way of Razib at Gene Expression: Neandertal mitochondrial DNA analysis stacks more evidence for rapid replacement theory.

–Via SpecRom’s blog, “The sky is falling!” Nano gray goo will take over the planet. Does this mean I can get a HUD on my cornea for my iPod playlists?