“No.” He wrapped a curl around his finger. “This is exactly how I want you.”

Emma PeelMy critique partner Leslie Dicken’s new book has been released and is available online at Triskelion Publishing. Check out the plot summary:

A Reserved Lord. After the death of his wife and father, the Earl of Markham has spent the last five years fiercely guarding his emotions from involvement, including getting too close to his son. Then a blackmail threat shatters his impassive world. To ensure his son’s inheritance, Markham must woo and marry a headstrong commoner with a heart as wild and free as the English countryside she loves. Though wrong for him in every way, he discovers seducing her awakens more than just his colorless world. Soon, the battle to protect his son’s future becomes a fight for his own heart.

A Spirited Commoner. After a tragedy destroyed Lizzie Parker’s dreams, she wants no part of venturing far from home. She is content with her life of her garden, her village, and possibly, her father’s curate. Sent from her ideal world to London and the glittering Season, Lizzie does whatever possible to vex the man who once broke her heart. But she never expects his kisses to tame her resistance. And each time his touch arouses her senses, she is less and less sure of just where she belongs.

Want a little taste before buying it? Read an excerpt over at Leslie’s web site.

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  1. YOU ROCK!! 🙂 Just to let any readers know — I’ll be holding a contest shortly to celebrate the release of SECRET INTENTIONS. I have several prizes up for grabs, including a bottle of “Secret Intention” perfume! So check out my website for further details!!

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