Thirteen Weekly Roundup Links


Since I haven’t done my weekly roundup post in a while, I thought today I’d combine it with my Thursday Thirteen post.

  1. “An electrical storm with skin:” Jezebel and Johann Hari from the The Independent wonder where all the strong female characters have gone. Should I send along a link to this blog? I could write a whole post on this and probably will next week.
  2. The angle of the dangle: The LOLCat guys have come up with another meme called GraphJam. I’m waiting for a graph depicting how the angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the motion of the ocean.
  3. Send it directly to the top of your Amazon wishlist, do not pass GO: Ann Aguirre gushes over Meredith Duran’s DUKE OF SHADOWS and I can see why.
  4. Women In Comics: A Danger Gal profile made it on the Women In Comics list, again. This time for Batgirl. Thanks gals!
  5. No tarnish here: Leslie Dicken, my critique partner, received a great review for her book A TARNISHED HEART.
  6. Cthulhu vs. Flying Spaghetti Monster: One of them has returned, and you’re yummy with ketchup.
  7. Starbuck is dead. Long live Starbuck. Get the low-down on Battlestar Galactica if you need a refresher or if you’re new to the series.
  8. Towlie says to bring a towel. The Onion’s best science fiction drugs list.
  9. The Zen of Mac. Just sayin’.
  10. Too successful to date? Just lower your expectations. Sort of.
  11. That word on the tip of your tongue? Iwwts wight heaur.
  12. I have a feeling I’ve read this article before.
  13. Do you want the red pill or the blue pill?

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