She's a man, baby?

I’m not sure what to think about this, but the Gender Genie pegged the first two scenes of my novel AVATAR as written by a man. Go figure.

Gender Genie

6 Responses to “She's a man, baby?”

  1. I tried that on my blog a couple years ago. Got the same result.

  2. Oh Lisa! And I thought you were so rugged!

    Well, _we_ all know you’re an ickle pwetty girgle.

  3. I wonder what’d happen if you submitted text with nothing but the word “woman” written over and over again…?

  4. I tried it by submitting the word “woman” 384 times. The analysis came back as “gender unkown!” See the screencap here. That graphic makes me giggle.

  5. Snort! I wonder what linguistic criteria they’re basing that on…

  6. “gender unknown”? What a crock!

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