Positronic Pimp

5 Responses to “Positronic Pimp”

  1. That should probably “man-slut”, not “pimp”, b/c he’s not actually pimping (which implies someone who is selling someone else). But still, cute.

  2. could you imagine rapping “Positronic Man-Slut”? That just doesn’t flesh well…errr

  3. Data is neither a pimp nor a man-slut, actually. He’s only been with Tasha Yar, so calling him a man-slut isn’t really appropriate. However, he’s not a pimp either. We need a word that starts with “P” and denotes a battery operated boyfriend.

  4. Positronic Phallatron?

  5. Leave it to you to get in a Tron reference. 🙂 But you’ve reminded me that we’ve been ignoring the most obvious of P words…

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